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Monthly Performance Update


Latest outlook and performance summary of our European equity portfolios.



Spotlight on...

Five Years of Successful Income Generation for Pioneer Funds – European Equity Target Income

Interview highlights:

  • Why income strategies can be a rewarding alternative in the prevailing low-interest-rate environment
  • The factors that make the equity Portfolio (with a defensive bias) so special
  • Why he continues to have exposure in Financials in challenging market phases, such as the ones witnessed in 2016.



Pioneer Funds – Absolute Return European Equity: True Market Neutrality Complemented by Diversification of Manager Risk

Today’s environment of lower returns and higher volatility has led investors to seek alternative uncorrelated sources of return for their portfolios.


Our new focus piece highlights how we address key investor concerns through our process and framework, discusses performance for the strategy in 2016 and what we think lies ahead for the market.

*Performance refers to cumulative returns since 1 April 2013, the day Fabio Di Giansante starting managing the sub- fund. The inception date of the fund is 21 June 2011. Past performance does not guarantee and is not indicative of future results

**This target income can be exceeded or undershot and should not be construed as an assurance or guarantee.